Aims and scope

Aims and scope

The Journal of Innate Metabolism (JIM) is the official journal of the Italian Society for the study of Hereditary Metabolic Diseases and Newborn Screening (SIMMESN).

JIM aims to improve the understanding and management of inherited metabolic diseases by publishing basic and translational research results, position papers, and systematic reviews on any aspect of inherited metabolic diseases in humans and animal models.

JIM intends to include and integrate clinical (related to different medical disciplines in children and adults), laboratory (biochemical, molecular, genetic), dietary, psychological, as well as epidemiological, ethical, and methodological aspects.

JIM publishes comparisons on critical diagnostic-therapeutic and organizational novelties on controversial issues related to metabolic dis- orders, involving SIMMESN Technical and Working Groups, as well as implicated stakeholders.

JIM also publishes a selection of the best scientific contributions from the annual symposia of SIMMESN and its affiliated societies. In addition to peer-reviewed scientific material selected for relevance by other professionals in the field, the journal publishes material approved by the Editorial Board alone and deemed of interest to SIMMESN and its affiliated societies.

JIM is published quarterly in print and electronic versions for healthcare professionals.